Oh, Canada, your chaps rock my world

Riding bareback [pad] in black full ProChaps. I started Evolve Equine not too long ago, much like I started Eventing, and retraining my OTTB. What excites me is the fact I was asked to be an ambassador for ProChaps, and then with Equino Cristallo. ProChaps, out of Quebec, is a provocateur of your average chap….

Smile like you mean it

Another week of weekdays wrapping up, and a week before championships at Colorado Horse Park. Had a particularly nippy, windy ride on the Duke today – one of those rides you should have accomplished first thing in the morning but worked on other indoor things, putting off outdoor things for the unluckiest of climate changes…

This is just the beginning

Welcome to Duke’s blog! This is dedicated to the sport of eventing and off-track Thoroughbreds; people who think they cannot do it, and support other amateurs. Riding and loving horses comes with a million shades of hearbreak, never gray. I do not have horses or ride or train or show because I have limitless income….